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Webberville Landfill

This page is under construction.

Size of Webberville Tract on which a landfill was proposed.Concern: Austin Energy, the City of Austin, owns 2,863 acres of eastern Travis County, known as the Webberville Tract. On June 27, 2007, the City of Austin presented a PowerPoint Presentation to the Austin City Council concerning the feasibility of locating a landfill on the Webberville Tract. The site is located within an area bounded by Burleson-Manor Rd on the west, Blake-Manor on the north and east, and FM 969 on the south.

PSNA Responses:

  • interested members joined a PSNA Landfill Committee
  • members spoke against the landfill at Austin City Council and County Commissioner meetings
  • members raised funds to be used to fight the landfill
  • PSNA enlisted the aid of County Commisioner Ron Davis who was also against locating the landfill in his district

100 year floodplain within proposed landfill site.Much of the western side of the Webberville Tract, along Burleson-Manor Rd., backs up to residential acreages. A transmission line bisects the tract (dotted grey lines on the floodplain map below); there are several cemeteries in the area; and at least one old home, that of the Burleson family. In 2008, Austin Energy announced that it had contracted with Gemini to build a large solar array in the northern relatively flat area along both sides of Blake-Manor Rd.

These two maps were taken from the City of Austin PowerPoint Presentation.


The decision was postponed indefinitely. PSNA continues to monitor the issue.

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