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Aug 23, 2016, 6-8pm -Taylor Lane Road Improvement Project Open House -Blake Manor Elementary School Cafeteria, 10800 Blake Manor Rd, Manor, TX. Final map of Taylor Lane.

Mar 10, 2016 - Plans for Northeast Travis Co parks - (PSNA area map of water drainage.)

Feb 8, 2016 - Travis County Water Quality Protection Rules - Travis County Code Chapter 82 relating to storm water management requirements and water quality protection. Proposed updates.

Feb 2, 2016 - Some Proposed Blake-Manor Rd Improvements

June 22, 2015 - Old Hwy 20 Asphalt Plant Planned

Update April 23, 2012 - Littig Road Septage Application Denied by TCEQ

Jan. 6, 2012 - PSNA members attend Webberville Solar Project dedication

Update Nov. 17, 2011 - Littig Road Septage Application

Update Sept. 1, 2011 - ANOTHER APPLICATION - Proposed Septage Application on Littig Road

Among proposed transportation projects to be placed on the ballot for a November 2011 bond election is the Travis County Citizens Bond Advisory Committee report (36 pages) submitted to Commissioner's Court. PSNA wrote a letter to the Committee, with a copy to the Commissioner's Court, supporting some projects in our area: Blake Manor Rd., FM 973-Blake Manor Connector and Wildhorse Connector; Old Highway 20 Bridge #155; and conservation easements (including the Wilbarger Creek and its tributaries). PSNA also recommended inclusion of Taylor Lane from at least future Braker Lane to Blake Manor. See map of PSNA area with proposed road modifications. (See large map for all potential projects for entire Travis Co.)

Proposed Septage Dumping on Littig Road - May 2011

Solar Power Project Relocated - January 2011

Road updates - Nov 14, 2011
Below is a brief summary of the anticipated construction schedule for Indian Hills and Whisper Valley from Talley Williams:
- The first thing that will be constructed on the Indian Hills Project will be the Decker Lake Road extension. We anticipate pulling permits by the end of the year and will commence construction once permits are in hand. Construction of the water line within the Decker Lake ROW should follow pretty soon thereafter.
- The first thing to be constructed on Whisper Valley will be the water trunk line. You will likely start seeing construction activity for this around the 3rd quarter of 2012. We estimate about 9 months of construction to complete the water line.
- We hope to obtain permits and start on the first 2 lanes of Braker (between FM 973 and Taylor Lane) in 2012.
- It is extremely hard to give an opinion on which project between Indian Hills or Whisper Valley will see the first buildings/houses since this will be completely driven by market conditions. That being said, our goal is for rooftops to be on the ground in the Whisper Valley project in the first quarter of 2014.

PSNA Asks County To Require Developers Help Fund Regional Roadway Improvements - October 2010 (download doc)
PSNA statement submitted to County Commissioners re: Whisper Valley and Wolf developments.

Road infrastructure near new developments - August 2010
On August 26, 2010, Austin City Council took final action to annex both Indian Hills and Whisper Valley. More....
May 12, 2009 PSNA general meeting report. More...

Details on Whisper Valley, Indian Hills, and Eastwood Developments in the PSNA area.

proposed developments within PSNA boundaries

Click on small image above to view larger image.

Gravel Mining in eastern Travis County - August 2010
Travis County wants to work with TXI to mitigate the environmental damage done by sand and gravel mining.
Two articles from In Fact Aug 3-4 2010
County to consider developing plan to reclaim mining properties: By Michelle Jimenez

Despite an outcry from concerned community members, the Travis County Commissioners Court in late January reluctantly granted Texas Industries, Inc., a permit to mine sand and gravel on 1,200 acres in eastern Travis County, saying it had no grounds to deny the permit. More....
County Commissioners want to monitor mining sites: By Michelle Jimenez
Travis County officials on Tuesday said studying two new mining sites before activity begins would allow them to establish a baseline of information that could prove valuable if follow-up monitoring shows the operation has harmed the area's resources. More.....

Solar Power Project Community Townhall Meeting - Oct. 1, 2009
Hosted by: John Street; Gemini Solar, Ed Clark; Austin Energy, Hector Gonzales; Mayor of Webberville. View PowerPoint presentation. (7 MB file will be downloaded)

Parsons-Kimbro Bridge Improvement Project
Travis County held a meeting on September 23, 2009 concerning the Parsons-Kimbro Improvement Project. View the PowerPoint presentation. (6 MB file will be downloaded)

Proposed US Development Facility on Decker Lane
Capitol Metro Board will conduct a public hearing regarding the hauling of ethanol on Capitol Metro-owned rails. This will increase rail traffic between Elgin and Austin and impact the PSNA neighborhood.
Cap Metro is required to provide transport service under common carrier obligations. If the facility is built and complies with all pertaining regulations and codes, Capitol Metro Freight operations will be obligated to provide this service.

Webberville Tract Landfill
2,800 acres between Webberville and Manor, owned by Austin Energy, is under consideration for use as a landfill. This land is adjacent to homes of some of our PSNA members. More.....


2009 Nov: Travis County wants your reaction to a proposed change in use of Basketball Court Area at East Metro Park
Click here to read a notice we’ve received from Travis County about use (and proposed reservation fee) at East Metro Park.  You may comment at our meeting on Monday, Nov. 9, 2009 at 7 PM at Crowe’s Nest Farm, or by responding directly.

2009: Modification of Blake Manor and Brown Cemetery Rd.
Two PSNA member families who live near the dangerous blind corner, site of many accidents, contacted Travis Co., doggedly kept the issue alive, and followed progress of construction. Austin City Council voted to deed the extra land to Travis County to realign the roadway. See map.


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