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Summary of Austin City Council Meeting Concerning Development Zoning

by John Williams, PSNA representative

On August 26, 2010, Austin City Council took final action to annex both Indian Hills and Whisper Valley.  At the same time it adopted zoning requirements for these developments, and authorized a “Public Improvement District” [PID] to provide funding for infrastructure such as roads, water and wastewater.

PSNA President, Tom West, and John Williams both spoke at the City Council meeting to remind Council of the need for adequate roadway improvements in the area.  Commissioner Davis sent a letter.

PSNA has been working for more than two years with Austin City, Travis County, and area developers in an attempt to obtain adequate funding for transportation improvements which occur along with, not long after, the residential and commercial development.  We’re pleased to report that the agreements about Whisper Valley and Indian Hills include the following:

  1.  Funds from Whisper Valley/Indian Hills PID may be used to fund roadways outside of, but of benefit to, the developments.  These most likely would be FM 973, the proposed “Wildhorse Connector”, and Taylor Lane.
  2. Whisper Valley’s and Indian Hills’s normal deposit to pay for pro-rata share of roadway improvements (such as turning lanes, traffic signals, etc.) may be used instead toward regional roadway improvements (such as those in #1 above).
  3. Prior to the issuance of each set of PID bonds, the developer will submit a traffic report to both the City of Austin and Travis County about the existing and expected traffic on FM 973 and Taylor Lane.  The City may use traffic conditions (capacity, congestion, safety, etc.) on these roads when determining whether or not to approve issuance of PID bonds, or their amount or timing.
  4. The City of Austin, Travis County and this developer are working cooperatively to address the regional transportation needs resulting from development in the SH 130 corridor roughly between FM 969/US 290/Blake Manor Rd./Burleson Manor Rd., and they expect to continue to do so.  It is hoped that some sort of area-wide agreement** can be established to fund roadway improvements providing good traffic and transportation in this area. 

** “area-wide agreement” would include interested parties such as developers, municipalities, etc. and might be a phasing agreement, a road district, a PID, or other agreement.  It is anticipated that developers would pay into a fund for roadway improvements outside of, but of benefit to, their development.

More information about Indian Hills, Whisper Valley and other area developments is available by clicking:

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